Lindegard Therapy offers Speech Therapy in Portland, Oregon

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Speech Language Pathology or Speech Therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of speech and language needs.

Lindegard provides Speech Therapy in-home, daycare, preschool and community settings. Speech Therapy encompasses both speech disorders as well as language disorders. Speech disorders occur when an individual has difficulty producing speech sounds fluently or correctly, while language disorders occur when an individual has difficulty comprehending or understanding thoughts or ideas (receptive language) or expressing thoughts or ideas (expressive language). Both speech and language disorders target one's ability to communicate about and comprehend the world around them.

Some examples of different types of Speech Therapy treatment might include:

- Comprehension (receptive language)

- Articulation/phonological delay (expressive language)

- Fluency (stuttering)

- Social aspects of language (pragmatics)

- Alternative and Augmentative Communication

- Cleft Palate 

Speech Therapy

​Provided In-Clinic